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                                                                                      Expertise and Passion in Art Photography, Photoshop Digital Imaging and IT Risk Management 





                     About Us


                                                                                   Our business registered as VIMS Management Services

                                                                                   in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia, is a highly unusual combination

                                                                                   of Art Photography, Photoshop Digital Imaging Services and IT

                                                                                   Risk Management consulting.                                                                                       


                                                                                   Our mission statement "Expertise and  Passion in Art Photography,

                                                                                   Photoshop Digital Imaging and IT Risk Management” reflects our

                                                                                   52 years of working with the Art & Sport Photography, 12 years of

                                                                                   hands-on experience in the computer based digital imaging and 39

                                                                                   years of executive management, consulting and lecturing experience

                                                                                   in  the fields of IT, People and Organization Management.


                    We serve our clients with the integrity and well above normal call of Professional duties.  Our potential customer

                    base in Australia, Europe, China, India and Japan is ranging from academic institutions to small businesses and

                    medium to large scale organizations.



                   Products and Services

                    Our main services and products are as follows:


                     A) Art Photography and Photoshop  Digital  Imaging Services

                    We offer our spare capacities and professional assistance in all aspects of Art Photography and Photoshop Digital

                    Imaging applications.   For clients' Art Photography requirements we assist in completing photo assignments by

                    shooting and delivering art photographs and /or digital files.


                                For clients' Photoshop Digital Imaging requirements we assist by doing behind the scene digital imaging work and

                                a highly specialised and laborious 100% spot-by-spot cleaning, retouching and colour adjusting to produce clean

                                and spotless digital files for clients' post-production projects.


                  From customers' photos, paintings and drawings we create multilayered compositions, Collages or Mosaic art

               works utilising our Photoshop skills and digital applications.



                     B)  PhotoArt Gallery  VIDIM ©

                    Our 'virtual gallery' provides a visual access to samples from our main Art Portfolios with thousands of Photo

                    and Digital Artworks available for sale to galleries, professional photographers, and the world's leading stock

                    photo libraries, agencies, organizations and institutions.



                    C)  Photography & Digital Imaging Risk Management Services  PHOTORIMAS ©

                    With its owner being an Art Photographer, Photoshop and Risk  Management professional, our business offers

                    a specialised service not available with the usual range of providers' services and capabilities.   We apply our

                    Risk Management expertise in all aspects of handling and working with the invaluable wealth of photo art and

                    digital imaging works, and have a working system called PHOTORIMAS (© by Dr Vladimir D Ivanovic).


                    We review clients' existing risk / crisis / disaster / management and business recovery provisions, and propose

                    a unique risk management strategy for their existing assets and future investment in Photo & Digital Imaging

                    technology, people, creative works,  products, documentation, art collections and processes.



                   D) People-Process-Technology Risk   Management Implementation  ITRIMAS © 

                            (Crisis / Disaster  Management, Risk Analysis  and Control, Compliance, Outsourcing, Lecturing).




                      E) Publishing and Proof-Reading Services




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